4 tips on building a successful social marketing strategy in 2019


We currently live more socially than ever, therefore, it’s only natural that digital
advertising plays a key role in all areas of our lives, including our businesses. Building a
successful business is a tough process to go through. Let’s see what are the key points
of maintaining it this way in 2019.

Plan Ahead

A well laid-out and executed digital advertising strategy plays a huge role in the overall
success of your digital marketing efforts. Do not rush into executing any digital
advertising steps without proper investigation of the competitive landscape, your
audience and thoroughly planning your marketing activities.

Have your Own Voice

Seeing other businesses do well on social media and trying to copy all their efforts won’t
necessarily bring you the fruits you desire. Invest some time into learning who your target
audience is, what their needs are and how you are capable of solving their problems.
Translate all of this into copywriting some meaningful content and creating targeted
offerings for your customers.

Use the Right Tools

Social media is one of the best tools to bring in new customers. But in order for it to be
effective, you have to be easily found by your potential clients. SEO Optimization is
currently one of the most trending topics among marketing specialists and enthusiasts
– make sure to properly optimize all your content for SEO (or hire some help to do it for
you). Google Adwords is another tool, making it easier for your customers to find you.
Proper SEO and Google Adwords campaign management will allow you to assist
potential buyers in finding and purchasing your products or services.

Be Social

And, finally, concentrate equal efforts on all your social media channels and play
according to the rules of each individual platform. Posting the same untargeted content on all your social media channels is not an option anymore. Share valuable, consistent
content online and the audiences will follow.
Each year brings new trends in the world of social marketing and, in order for your
business to thrive, it’s important not to lose yourself in it. Forming an effective social
marketing strategy and thoroughly following its steps is not an easy goal to achieve, but
it’s definitely worth it.

Post by team member – Erlandas
Instagram @erlandascyzas